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Water and Sewer Services

Water and sewer services are provided by the Town of Ramah. There is a $100.00 deposit required to start service. Please contact town hall if you are new to town.

Current rates:

  • Water - $32.50, up to 5000 gallons of usage
  • Sewer - $20.50, flat rate
  • Street - $2.00, flat rate to offset the costs of street light

There is also an "availability" charge for all homes with a water or sewer tap that is not currently in use - $15.00 per month

All bills are sent out at the beginning of the month for usage for the previous month. Bills are due on the 10th. If payment is not received timely, there will be a late charge applied. We also now offer an automatic withdrawal option for water bills.

Please contact the clerk at 719-541-2163 or e-mail for more information